Notice of Public Hearings - June 22, 2021, 6:05PM; Rock County Courthouse

Rock Home Initiative Abatement - Tom and Heidi Freese, for new residential construction on Lots 1 & 1 of Blk 1 in the Spring Brook Addition of City of Beaver Creek; estimated abatement $732.23/year for 5-years, total abatement $3,662.00.

Tax Abatement for Trudy Vanderburg/Manley Tire, addition of a mechanic shop building in Section 36-102-47 of Beaver Creek Township.  Abatement request is 100% of the County's portion of real estate for a period of 10-years; estimated value of the abatement is $923.54/year, total abatement for 10-years is $9,236.00