Public Notice - Comment Period for EAW Conn Ag

Environmental Assessment Worksheet 
Project Title:  Northern Con-Agg/Boen Site

Northern Con-Agg, LLP (Proposer) proposes the mining of the gravel resource present on the Boen Pit property, located in the SE ¼ of the NW ¼ and the SW ¼ of Section 1 of Luverne Township, T102N, R45W.  The mine is to be approximately 92 acres in size.  Gravel from the site will be conveyed by use of belt conveyors to an adjacent site to the north for processing, where the proposer has operated a wash plant for over 25 years.  Mining is to be done over a period of approximately 15 to 20 years, starting approximately in 2024.  Mining is to be done in three phases, so that only a portion of the mining area is to be disturbed at any one time.  The first step is to remove the overburden above the gravel using excavation equipment.  The overburden material will be used to construct berms on the western boundary of the site.  These berms will provide visual and sound screening from excavation activities and will also provide a safety barrier around the mining area.  The berms will also act as a barrier to prevent potential pollutants from storm water runoff from entering the water body.  The gravel will then be excavated by use of hydraulic dredging equipment to approximately 30 to 35 feet below the ground surface.  The dredged material is to be pumped to a dewatering wheel which separates the gravel from the water.  The water and silt is returned to the dredge pond while the gravel is fed onto conveyors, which convey the gravel to the wash plant on the adjacent property to the north.  As overburden from new phases is removed, it will be utilized to reclaim the previous phase.  As various phases are completely finished with mining activities, they will be reclaimed as the next phase begins.  Reclamation will include sloping to a minimum of 18 percent.  Topsoil will be spread on disturbed areas at a minimum of 4 inches and suitable vegetation will be planted according to MN DNR’s  “Handbook for Reclaiming Sand and Gravel Pits in Minnesota.”  Its end use will be suitable for recreational and wildlife habitat.  This will include areas of upland, wetland, and deeper open water.  Copies of the EAW can be reviewed at the Rock County Land Management Office, 311 West Gabrielson Road, Suite 4, Luverne, Minnesota or the Rock County website at  Written comments, including name and mailing address, may be directed to:  Eric Hartman, Rock County Land Management, 311 West Gabrielson Road, Luverne, Minnesota, 56156, or emailed to, and received no later than November 4, 2021.       
Responsible Governmental Unit (RGU):    Rock County

RGU Contact Person:  Eric Hartman
Rock County Land Management
311 West Gabrielson,Suite 4
Luverne, MN  56156

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